Hire Draftworks for Complete Event Production Management Services 

We provide technical production management services for Corporate, Government and Private Events.


  • provide a single point of contact;
  • have extensive technical direction experience including technical specification, show calling, stage management and run sheet preparation;
  • are dedicated to collaboration and to ensuring that all stakeholders, event suppliers, venue management and contractors work cooperatively and effectively;
  • collaborate with our clients as creative partners;
  • have experience across all creative elements of event production including styling, concept design, graphic design, storyboarding, set design & stage construction;
  • develop, design and compile presentations and event content;
  • can provide event apps, including audience polling and social media integration;
  • are quick to adapt, and pride ourselves on an ability to navigate technical and logistical challenges;
  • believe clear communication and organisation is central to ensuring a smooth bump in, showtime and bump out;
  • are committed to providing a safe workplace and are dedicated to maintaining the highest OHS standards.